zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The One

photo by donna ~ Doubling Gap, Cumberland County, PA 2005
Running, running away
feet never touching the ground
through towns more worldly,
more cold
through highland meadows greener,
seeking that which waits beyond the borders,
that which couldn't be found

Always running, running while standing still
it's time for a retreat
time to make solitary camp
while wondering, wondering
where to wander next

Finding myself back in the valley I left
so long ago
for the road that leads to somewhere,
but here,
anywhere but home
forever looking for the one,
the one that couldn't be found

The road circles back on me
feeling too much like a rolling stone
yearning for a solid foundation
to cease the restlessness,
to ease the pain
of forever running,
running to nowhere

Stopping to catch my breath
and look back from the mountaintop
gazing down on the valley
wondering if I could fly
instead of run
would life have been different,
that special life,
the one which couldn't be found

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