zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Feeling Buzzed on Life

It's already been 15 days since i've returned to Pennsylvania from my Netherlands adventure and i've still got a buzz goin' on in my head from the experience. i knew that i would enjoy The Netherlands because i've always loved to travel (could call it a passion of mine), but my expectations were exceeded and i enjoyed my short time in Holland more than even i had imagined.
I really needed that trip... was very good for me to travel and recharge the batteries. it was the stimulation that i needed to give myself a kick start and re-awaken interest in living, being alive, taking part in life.

Since getting back to my 'regular' life and routine, things have been anything but routine.... i find myself busier with work than before, upgrading my Mac's hardware & PC's software, upgrading my knowledge of website maintenance, sifting through the boxes of 'stuff' i moved from Florida to Pennsylvania to prepare for the local auction house (feel the need to downsize and unload excessive crap... a step in freeing myself from the bondage of materialism), spending time with family & friends and getting ready for my next roadtrip...

The next roadtrip for me is scheduled to happen in another 10 days.... will be a 470 mile (756 kilometre) 8 hour drive to Detroit, Michigan for a U2 concert. this will be my 4th U2 concert and, even though, i've a ticket for a really bad location in the arena (high up and to the side of stage) i'm looking forward to seeing/hearing U2 live, again. they are a great live act and i'll be soaking up the energy with which they'll be filling the arena.
I'll make a mini-trip of about 3 or 4 days as i will stay overnight in Detroit and then spend a little time enjoying the beauty of western Pennsylvania in Autumn. this is my first Autumn in 12 years (lived the last 12 years in Florida and there is no Autumn season there) and i'm really looking forward to seeing the pretty colors of the deciduous trees as they prepare to shed their leaves before Winter. just hoping the rains don't wash the leaves off the trees before they have a chance to display the beautiful golds, reds, browns and oranges of Autumn.

Dang, it's good to look forward to what each day has to offer... really feels good to feel buzzed on life, again :)


  1. hehe.. finally a post again :D :D..

    for me as a dutchman it's amazing to read the amount of travel you americans do.. 756 km for a concert? 8-) that's something that would never even arise in my head...

    well.. i'll be going to berlin next week.. my longest trip by car (about 650km) and it will take a day :).. maybe a bit less because there are no speedlimits on the german highways :)..

    getting ready to test my new car..

    let me know what the concert was like.. i'll let you know what berlin was like ;)

  2. yippee!... good to know you still make visits here, Prof. :)
    erhmmm, yeah, it is interesting the concept of distance as far as the European & American perspectives. but, also we gotta consider the time/space thing... America may be expansive geographically, but culturally and progressively America is waaaay limited (imvho) compared to Europe in this modern world in which we live.
    i look forward to reading about your trip to Berlin, a city i have yet to experience. from my perspective, it's really cool that you can travel only a day and be well into another country/society/culture.
    i hope you will post on your blog photographs and descriptions of what you see/hear/taste and feel while making your voyage to Berlin in your new car. (so, what kinda car ya got, anyhow?)
    hehehe, and, don't get too crazy putting your car/self through the paces on the German autobahns!!

    and, yeah, i will post here about my roadtrip to Detroit and the U2 concert.... i don't go anywhere without my PowerBook... just wish me luck that i can find good Wifi connections while on the road!...
    wish you a great road trip and hope you find good Wifi if you look for it, too :)


  3. i won't be posting during the trip :).. i think my gf is glad i'll be leaving the computer behind. HOwever i'll try to post some pics afterwards.

    As for my new car, it's this one but then in dark red :D

  4. heheee, funny how girlfriends prefer that you spend time with them instead of the computer, eh? ;)
    be sure not to leave your camera behind, though :)

    oh, WOW!.... an Alfa Romero! dang, no wonder you wanna get outta town and onto the autobahns with a machine like that! hope you have great weather and smooth sailing.... take good care and happy travels!!

  5. LOL...

    and yes.. it's great that the Deutsche autobahn has no speedlimits... in holland it can get really expensive to try out the max speed :)

  6. hehehe, and hey, Prof., don't forget that when on the Deutsche autobahns....
    if you seeing blinking headlights coming up behind ya really fast, it's the same as hearing the dinging of a Dutch bicycle coming up behind ya..... it means 'get the hell out of my way, i'm comin' through'!
    lol :D :D

  7. lol.. i went over last week and had that experience, without the blinking lights..

    but an bmw x5 is pretty big in your rearview mirror.. even remembering what meatlofe once sang...

  8. jah, gotta watch those crazy drivers behind the wheel of a Beamer... X5 or any other models!
    hehehee... that Meatloaf song :p :D