zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 - another calendar year clicks by....

sure went by quickly.

highlights of 2006?...
BRMC in Philadelphia and Tallahassee; The Raconteurs in Montreal; lots of local music; learning of the nuances and impact of sound in my life; met up with some good people; reconnected/disconnected with the past; worked like a dog; partied hardy; flew like a nightingale; continue downsizing; begin optimizing; ...

expectations for 2007?...
more BRMC during new tour; visit another North American city on my places-to-see-wishlist; discover plenty more new music; find a quiet comfortable affordable place to live; hook up with good friends; look to the future; garner discipline; find a way to maximize investments; read some books; do more writing; find fulfilling means of supporting self; make celebratory trip to European destination; love family & friends; be happy;...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Save The Internet!

It's one thing for somebody my age and as jaded about life as i have become to break down and cry in frustration about the stranglehold that big business has on the media in the U.S.A.,
but it's quite another thing to see a young person with his whole life's aspirations ahead of him break down when addressing an issue that has very serious implications on our freedoms and personal expression.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


whenever i'm having one of those days where i begin to think that life sucks, and wonder what it means to have significance, i surf on over to this beautiful, intelligent, thought-filled, uplifting photo journal weblog.

the archives are very much well worth checking out... gorgeous photos and wonderful tales of living a simple honest life.
(you can surf the author's archives by clicking on the site calendar)

sending out a big thank you vibe to photographer/writer/person-who-seems-to-have-it-together, Murray in New Zealand :)
nice to find comfort in the positivity of a complete stranger who apparently chooses to focus on the beauty of life.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

All Florida Indies


Listen to AFI Radio - All Florida Indies! http://allflorida.blogspot.com
All Florida Indies Podcast!

Been very busy lately looking for rewarding and fulfilling work and a new place to live while still keeping up with the usual stuff life throws at us on a daily basis.
Turned down what would seem like a 'good' job with a major airline.... just decided that the job would be way too boring, the commute too costly and because of the nature of the job, wouldn't be able to take time off and make full advantage of the free flight benefits. maybe kinda crazy for a wanna-be gyspy to turn down such an offer, but i really think my best judgement was operating at peak efficiency this time.
Will be moving into a smaller, very much less expensive rental property at the end of May... my current lease expires end of June, so i'll be able to make a leisurely move. hoping to take a bunch of possessions to auction in order to downsize the over-abundance of 'stuff' and raise a few dollars at the same time. hope the cats will like the new digs. and, me, too. we'll see. the lease is month-to-month... a good thing in case the very cheap rent is too good to be true!

And, the most exciting news is that i have taken a position as production assistant with one of my fav podcasts, All Florida Indies. Florida has a huge and active live music scene... one of the things i miss about living in Florida. i've listened to AFI Radio since June 2006 and have been turned on to lots of great music from independent musicians and musical artists from Florida. i've been working with Bing Futch, the host of AFI Radio, for only a couple of weeks, but i'm loving it.... as a lifelong music fan, i'm finding it a very cool experience to have contact with musicians on a business level.

Cannot help but to take a moment now to mention one of my absolute fav bands to be featured on AFI Radio.... Berman. i was totally hooked by Berman the first time i heard their song 'Lost Angeles' played on All Florida Indies podcast ([alert-link opens audio feed] show #9) and immediately purchased 2 copies of their first 2 albums, a copy for me and the others to send to a former musician and music fan friend in Europe. just recently purchased Berman's 3rd album (song 'Why Am I Still Here?' featured on ([alert-link opens audio feed]) show #38)... all three albums totally rock! besides hearing Berman on AFI Radio, you can check out audio and video on the Berman website. now, go have a listen! :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish."

...said Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900 - 1944)

"In the absence of clearly-defined goals,
we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia
until ultimately we become enslaved by it."

Robert Heinlein (1907 - 1988)

lately have realised that i make lots of wishes while busy with daily trivia. hmmmm...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Restless Sinner

One more B.R.M.C.-related item to share with you...

Another fan-made video from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's 8 February 2006 performance at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
The video features Peter Hayes singing 'Restless Sinner' while playing his beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar.
I think 'Restless Sinner' has a Johnny Cash-esque sound.... and when Peter wears his hair slicked back, i get even more of that Johnny Cash vibe

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Beta Bar

photo by donna
Well, finally, i get around to writing about my overnight trip to Tallahassee, Florida on 4 March to attend another Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig.... been busy getting caught up on work and visiting the B.R.M.C. website forums to network with other fans. it's fun to read fan reviews and see their concert photos and just generally share our experience when the band's touring.
My flight to Tallahassee went smoothly and without hitch. i found a taxi waiting outside the terminal and got a very pleasant ride to my hotel (one i will never recommend! take my advice and when in Tallahassee avoid the Days Inn @ 1350 Tennessee Street!!) with the driver taking me a route that showed me the easiest way for me to get from the hotel to the club, The Beta Bar. since it was a flat rate from airport to hotel, i thought it was really nice of the taxi driver to give me that informative tour.
It was barely midday when i checked into the hotel and the show wasn't scheduled to begin until something like 9:30PM. so, i had lots of time to fill and decided to walk the 2 miles to the club just to explore and see if i could find a place to grab some lunch and toss a cold beer or two. but, i was surprised to find that the few pubs i saw along the way were closed... surprised me since i was right beside the University of Florida campus. i asked a university student if i was on the right path to find The Beta Bar and was there a nearby pub open where i could get some lunch. she advised me that the town was nearly shut down because the University had just began Spring Break and confirmed that i was headed in the right direction to find The Beta Bar. so, i continued on my way and eventually found The Beta Bar which is located in a kinda rough area of town.
I got lucky and discovered that right next door to the club is a sandwich shop being run out of what appeared to be an old gas station. cool! i could get something for lunch while i sat under an umbrella (i was already becoming sunburnt from the sub-tropical Florida sun!) at one of the outside makeshift tables. and upon entering the shop i was happy to discover that they had an ice chest filled with ice and bottles of Corona! yippeee! i had scored and could get a sandwich and a beer. as the guy behind the counter made me a sandwich i noticed a promotional flyer taped to the window announcing that evening's B.R.M.C. gig at the club next door. i asked the sandwich guy if i could have it and he said "sure, go ahead". so, i happily sat in the shade of an umbrella in a warm Florida breeze outside the sandwich shop admiring the promo flyer as i leisurely ate my lunch and guzzled 3 ice cold Coronas feeling pretty mellow.
After lunch i walked back to the hotel and had a bit of a siesta before i set out again at late afternoon to walk back to The Beta Bar.... the weather was so nice and i decided that some exercise is good for me and didn't call a taxi. decided to save my taxi money for getting back to the hotel after the show.
This time on my way back to The Beta Bar, i found a bar which had opened for business and could hear a lively crowd cheering inside. i decided to go in and check it out... once in the door, i was approached by a 7 foot tall (no kidding!) bouncer and asked to pay a $8 cover fee. i charmingly told him that i was on my way to The Beta Bar for a show and could i please just have a beer to quench my thirst. he gave me a sidelong look and decided that i probably wouldn't want to stick around for the band once i heard them begin to play and allowed me in without paying. lmao, he was right... the band that took stage and began playing was a Death Metal band and as the place was filled with a bunch of nonsensical ear-piercing screaming vocals, frenzied guitar screeching and pounding drums the crowd charged wildly to the moshpit, some of them jumped atop the bar, and began flaying KungFu kicks and arm punches. i watched in amazement that nobody was killed or injuried. it was a sight to see, for sure... so, entertaining that i stayed for 2 beers. lol

Anyway, at around 7:45PM or so, i found myself at The Beta Bar and was happy to see a big tour bus parked alongside the building. i knew it had to be B.R.M.C.'s bus and that the club was getting set up for the show. i could see the back door open and decided to approach and try to take a look inside.
When i looked inside the doorway to see what i could see there was Peter Hayes, guitarist/vocalist and i suppose you could say pretty much the frontman of the band (although he and Robert Been really share the role of frontman), only a metre away from me. i took the chance to say "excuse me, this morning i flew 800 miles just for the night to see this show.... may i come in, please?"
Heheeeheeee, to my utter delight Peter flashed a smile and said "sure" and waved me in. as i entered the club to stand next to him, i proceeded to babble like an excited schoolgirl about how i attended the Philadelphia show 2 weeks prior and dug the show so much that i just had to fly to Florida for the gig that night. Peter said, "whoa, that's very cool", offered his hand to mine and said "i'm Peter". i giggled and said "i know who you are!!", shook his hand and introduced myself. lol! he is so very humble that he didn't think i recognised him!!! i asked if i might stay for sound-check and Peter informed me that BRMC had just finished their check and the opening bands were about to do their soundchecks, but i was welcome to hang around if i wanted. :) yup, i sure wanted!...
So, i spent the next hour leaning against the bar, smoking cigarettes and chatting with Peter about music, life on the road, interests outside of music and just generally shooting the breeze while he played video games and i was pinching myself to see if i was dreaming. i had my camera with me, but didn't want to spoil the cool vibe by acting the tourist and asking for a photo.... now i wish i had!!.... i did venture to break out my Sharpie marker and Peter did sign the promo flyer i had copped earlier that day, though. oh, yeah, reminds me...
i also was able to land a really nice promo poster for the album 'Howl' (the album the band is currently promoting on this tour) with the date, showtime and the name of the opening acts handwritten on it. it was thumb-tacked to the inside of the lady's restroom door and, well, since the poster would be outdated by morning, i decided to help the cleanup crew and rolled it neatly and brought it home with me. *grins*
Peter was so nice and down-to-earth and took interest in our conversation, looking me in the eyes as we spoke and laughing and smiling a lot.... it was so relaxed and chilled out and like hanging with a friend.
When it was time for the opening acts to take stage, Peter excused himself and joined his bandmates to do whatever it is that they do backstage awaiting their showtime.

Then after one kick-ass rock-and-roll show performed before an audience of about only 250 people (a real treat to see a fav band in a club so small and intimate!), i was again afforded the opportunity to approach Peter while outside in the club's parking lot where i awaited a taxi to take me back to my hotel. i joined a couple of other music fans to thank Peter for the totally kickass rocking show. he graciously acknowledged and returned the thanks for taking interest in the band's music.

Peter is a very genuine guy with a warm smile and truly seems to be a bit unimpressed with himself and his own talent... which is an immensely deep just well waiting to be tapped, imvho.
i've been an avid music fan all my life and have been attending live shows for 3 decades and have seen/heard/met lots of musicians... i've had some wonderful experiences and my evening at The Beta Bar with B.R.M.C performing live accentuated by meeting and chatting with Peter is now one of my fav memories... right up there with my september 2005 Golden Earring experience in Holland (see September Archives for that adventure).

Another cool thing is that i was able to record the entire show with my iRiver MP3 recorder using only the internal mic, but unfortunately i didn't know what i was doing as this is the first time i ever tried such a thing and my recording has a bad humming/buzzing sound. a friend who knows about such things says that i probably picked up some "large magnetic src in room..PA or main amps or lighting"... lol, what ever that means. all i know is that he said the bad humming probably cannot be filter out. oh well, even though i only got a photo of an equipment roadcase and not any of Peter and the band, i do have my badly made recording of the show, a promo poster, an autographed promo flyer, some souvenirs purchased at the Merch Stand and the memory of a GREAT evening :)

Anyway, i've gone on far too long about a great time i had last weekend... i could go on and on and on, but i'll end it here by saying that the flight home went smoothly and i still get a glow of happiness when i think about that B.R.M.C. gig. hope to see them play live again!

*EDIT (14 march 2006):
just found this video of the song 'In Like The Rose' made by a fan at the 13 March 2006 Los Angeles show...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

B.R.M.C. Update Coming Soon

watch this space for an update on my recent weekend adventure to Tallahassee, Florida, USA to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play a gig at The Beta Bar...
lots of sun, fun and awesome live music....
i was fortunate enough to have an up-close-and-personal encounter with the undeniably charming, captivating and laid-back Peter Hayes! wow! :)

i'm still on a natural buzz from the best weekend i've had in a long time, but got to get caught up on work... will post update soon....

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Headed to Florida on the Weekend!

Early Saturday morning, March 4, i'll be flying to Tallahassee, Florida for an overnight adventure. why Tallahasse and what adventure might be found there, you might ask? well.....

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is scheduled to play at The Beta Bar in Tallahassee as they make their way across the country on their current tour. yup, B.R.M.C., the band i just saw in Philadelphia last weekend. i was ever so impressed with their Philly performance and haven't been able to stop listening to their albums and remembering how explosive is B.R.M.C. live that i just have to see them again while i can. i don't want to wait until their next tour. that might not be for another year or two and, after being thoroughly enchanted by their electrifying performance on 19 February that is too long for me to wait.

So, i found a pretty good airfare out of Harrisburg International Airport into Tallahassee Regional Airport, booked an inexpensive hotel near the club (also near Florida State University and Florida A&M University) and purchased a ticket to be picked up at the Will Call window at the club's box office. two opening bands are scheduled... 'New Roman Times' from Winter Park, Florida and 'Gettysburg' about which i cannot find any info but suspect are a local band. hopefully, they'll be good warm-up acts for B.R.M.C.
After an evening of live music and partying with a few hundred university students, i'll spend Sunday chilling and will catch the evening flight back to Pennsylvania. should be in my front door around 1am Monday which will leave me about 6 hours to grab some sleep before getting ready to report to the office for work.

sounds like a plan to me :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

BRMC Rocked the TLA in Philly

My short overnight trip to Philadelphia to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play a gig at Theatre of Living Arts was a really nice time. The drive of 125 miles (275 kilometres) went smoothly and took only about 2 hours for my sister and i to arrive at the hotel which was conveniently situated only 15 minutes walk from the club where BRMC would play. the day was cold, but very sunny and after checking into the hotel we headed out on foot to discover the neighborhood and get some food and drink before the show. it' been 20 years since i've been to Philadelphia and i had forgotten how cool is South Street. South Street is a major entertainment district in old Philadelphia and a mecca of dining establishments, pubs, shopping, art and entertainment. my sister and i had fun checking out the action on the busy street as we visited a couple of very authentic Irish pubs (with real Irish bartenders with their beautiful lilting accent and rugby match on the tv) for good Irish beer (i imbibed pints of Smithwick's and Beamish Stout) and enjoyed a good dinner before arriving the Theatre of Living Arts for the show.
Three bands, a great value for the nominal price of the ticket, were scheduled with BRMC as the headliner. the club is really pretty cool with it's '60's vibe and quaintness, but i wasn't really that impressed with the acoustics. but, maybe that's because my sister and i watch the show from the edge of the bar section which is tucked under the balcony. we got lucky and had a spot very convenient to the bartender and had a barstool and a bar rail to place our drinks and CDs we purchased from the merchandise stand. (we supported all three bands and bought a CD from each band plus a cool BRMC pin.) our little spot was right on the edge of the bar area and right adjacent to the access way to the main general admission floor. i had a support column somewhat hindering my view of Robert Levon Been and Mike Been, but over all, i'd say we got lucky and had a comfortable position to enjoy the show.

The first band, Eastern Conference Champions, a band i had never heard of before, were quite alright, not bad at all. they were a good choice as an opening act. although, imvho, their name sucks... too difficult to remember, too easy to confuse with other things, too difficult to relate to and wth does it mean, anyhow? reading the CD liner notes, i see they have a connection to Billy Nicgorski... the relevance of this fact will become evident later.
Second band on the roster was Elefant and they rocked.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is nothing less than a totally and undeniably awesome live act! the energy they put forth from the stage envelopes the room with a buzz of excitement and eager anticipation of where the band will take the audience with their versatility of sound and talent. Peter Hayes has a rich voice and is totally charming in his demeanor as he plays guitar and harmonica... also, really cool when he breaks out his slide trombone to add a different and unexpected slant to rock percussion. first time i can remember seeing a trombone played in a rock band. Robert Levon Been also has a beautiful and strong voice and not only awesome on bass he also is very creative with guitar. i cannot determine who is the front man... Peter or Robert, both guys are strong solid musicians, vocalists and have that certain dynamic stage presence that a good frontman possesses. Nick Jago provides the solid basis upon which all great rock bands are founded... drumming that not just gives time and beat, but adds creative emphasis. Nick's contribution is ever present and the man sure knows how to beat up a drum kit with style.

The show began with a somewhat subdued mood as the rock-gospel-cum-folk sound of songs from the latest album 'Howl' was featured. Tempo and energy were gradually and very effectively taken to a higher level as the evening progressed with the band performing some of their earlier more aggressive alternative-sound songs leaving the audience desperately wanting more when the 90 minute set ended.
BRMC responded to the resonating cheers of the crowd for encore... which was incredibly intense, electrifying and totally mind-blowing. the 45-minute encore began with Peter Hayes taking the stage by himself under a spotlight performing a couple of soul-filled ballad type songs with beautiful acoustic guitar and sweet harmonica emanating lots of emotion before being joined by the other band members to move into their soulful-yet-rocking vibe. then, it happened!... that which all live music fans await.... somehow, someway, BRMC exploded onto another plane of creative excitement and into one of the most memorable and innovative pieces of musical adventure that i have ever witnessed. and, i've seen lots of bands perform live over the years (decades). Robert Levon Been seemed to effortless lead his bandmates into the most electrifying and unimaginable sounds of spontaneity filled with dimension built upon a mishmash of sustained feedback and pulsating rhythm and smooth guitar work creating the most beautiful music from what seemed the essence of pure chaos. it was enchanting, it was enthralling, it was hypnotizing, it was trippy... it was amazing magical work of very creative and talented musicians of vision like no other. i was spellbound as were the hundreds of people around me. then the beautiful musical chaos subsided into the low soft hum of a dimly spotlighted solo Peter Hayes (i think... i was kinda too spellbound to be sure. lol) who appeared to be kneeling over a keyboard laying flat on the stage ending the show with a melodically haunting rendition of 'Open Invitation'.
a truly totally amazing show.
i hope i can see BRMC perform live again, soon!

I was on such a high from the show i had just experienced that i found myself down front of the stage to see if i could convince somebody to let me ask the band to sign the CD i had purchased at the merch stand. the roadies were too busy tearing down the equipment to pay any attention to me so i approached a security guy standing guard by the stage entrance door. when i asked him if i might be able to enter and tell the band how much i enjoyed and appreciated their show, i got a stern reply "no, my job is to kept people from bothering the band." i replied, "ok, i don't want to 'bother' the band. thanks." i turned away feeling kinda let down after being totally elevated during the previous 2 hours by that very band who had a guy there to keep away 'botherers" and thinking "geez, i'm not a botherer, dammit, i'm a life-long music fan." when i was quickly approached by a guy with gorgeous mussed-up looking hair (i got a thing for hair) who asked me if i would like autographs. i was surprised and a bit hesitant wondering if this guy was for real. upon inquiring about his identity, he showed me his VIP All Access pass and introduced himself as Billy Nicgorski, a producer for BRMC. :)! woohoo! he told me that his professional support to BRMC is indicated and credited on the CD liner notes and that the band has recorded some of their songs in his studio. i'm thinking, "this is too cool" as he told me that he could get me autographs if the guys were still around and would i like to have Mike Been's autograph, too. "YUP!" so i gave Mr. Nicgorski my CD and he disappeared past the security guard and through the stage door to 'bother' Michael Been and the band on my behalf :)
Mr. Nicgorski was back to me with my autographed CD within 2 minutes and told me that Mike Been is father of band member Robert Levon Been and is a well known musician who used to have a band called The Call. whoa, i stood there thinking that this was pretty cool and feeling quite appreciative that Mr. Nicgorski must have heard the turn down i got from security and was being so nice to me. Mr. Nicgorski proceeded to introduce me to Michael Been as he passed by us during the course of our conversation... i was feeling rather giddy about all that was happening so fast. i then asked Billy Nicgorski to sign my CD cover, too. :D i thanked Billy Nicgorski while really appreciating the kindness and attention he had just shown a music fan and left the club glowing and feeling really happy.

And, now is when it gets REALLY good in a crazy kind of way.... or crazy in a good kind of way? lol......
after exiting the club, i notice a tag of some sort stuck to my coat - right below the buttons, only half the tag is exposed and the other half stuck to the inside of my coat... like somebody had the sticker in their hand and then grabbed the edge of my coat and pressed the sticker tight. i'm sure that there is no way this tag could have accidently gotten stuck to me like it was. i'm like "wtf is this on my coat?" so, i peel the cloth sticker from my coat and see that it is an 'ALL ACCESS' pass issued by the club's promoter and dated for the BRMC show!!!!!! i have no freaking idea when and how this pass was pressed onto the edge of my coat front! lmfao, i've been attending concerts for 30 years and have always dreamed of obtaining 'All Access' status and now i discover somebody mysteriously tagged me with an All Access pass for a band that i really dig and was totally enchanted by and i discover the pass only AFTER i exit the club after the show! man, is this weird or what?!
i'm guessing that it was either stuck to my coat as i entered the club (i immediately took my coat off and draped it over the bar stool my sister sat on all night) or that maybe Billy Nicgorski did a slight of hand and pressed the pass onto my coat when i was all giddy and busy meeting the father of a band member (i really think this is what happened). maybe Mr. Nicgorski was giving me another souvenir or additional proof of his business connection to BRMC (or just having some fun and messing with my head a little bit for initially doubting his connection to the band? lol)? i dunno, but it was a great way (albeit a little bit spooky) to finish off a great day of fun, adventure and one of the best concerts i have been to in a long time. just hope that someday i will have another opportunity for an 'All Access' pass and will actually enjoy the benefits of such!! lol :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Let The Philly Music Adventure Begin! :)

Tomorrow i'm off for an overnight trip to historic Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, home of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play a gig at a small club, Theatre of Living Arts. i'm really looking forward to this short getaway to recharge the batteries, refresh my mindset and hear some good live music... my most favorite thing in the world (besides travel).
I've invited my sister to join me and the plan is to leave about mid-day and make the 2-hour drive in a leisurely fashion, get settled into the hotel, explore the neighborhood by foot, find a laid back pub for a couple of drinks... hopefully good imported European beer for me and whatever tutti-fruity-foo-foo-poo-poo drink my sister will imbibe... then off to find some authentic ethnic food at one of Philly's fine restaurants before heading off to the club.

Here's a review i found in a city entertainment guide about Theatre of Living Arts... sounds like my kinda place!! ...

"The Scene
The weekend punks and sidewalk squatters gathered under the marquee of this South Street spot are a steady if somewhat annoying reminder that South Street used to be a vibrant meeting place for the counter-culture movement of the '70s and '80s. As the area grows increasingly mainstream, the TLA ensures that South Street will always be a place to get a healthy dose of diverse music.
The Draw
A mid-sized venue, the space can fit about 1,000 people on the main floor area and small balcony. Shows are usually standing room only, but occasionally seats will be installed for smaller, more intimate performances. An over-21 area is cordoned off to the side for spectators who want to drink as they watch the show. The excellent sound and adaptable space make the TLA a good venue for almost any act. Recently, the versatile theatre has hosted everything from hardcore punk matinees to Kris Kristofferson.
Know Before You Go
Arrive early and get a seat towards the front of the bar area; not only is it the best view in the house, but waitresses will bring you beer."

lol, guess i wanna arrive the club early ;)

The evening should prove to be filled with good music with Elefant opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. although Elefant, an Indie band from New York City, sounds vaguely familiar to me, i don't really know much about the band. but, from what i hear on their MySpace site, Elefant has an appealing sound. hehehee, and as my sister says, even if the bands do bomb as live performers, they will be nice on the eyes as both bands are composed of totally cute guys :p!

But, of course, i'll be there solely for music and i'm confident both bands will rock the house! :D

Monday, February 06, 2006

'No amount of darkness can hide a spark of light.'

'we are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
we are spiritual beings having a human experience'

(author unknown)

'Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself 10 years ago.'
(Horace Mann; 1796-1859)

'There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.
Ignorance can be cured by learning and reading.
Stupidity isn't willing to be cured.'

(author unknown)

'We all live under the same sky, but we don't see the same horizon.'
(author unknown)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Are We Taking Too Long In Recognizing The Serious Implications Of Global Warming?

Global warming is one of the largest and prevalent environmetal issues that has caught my attention over the years. i think we are already seeing the effects, but yet we, as a world community, are burying our heads in the sand... or melting glacial waters or bitterly cold snow or tropical storm debris, depending upon which region of the world we are living.

Have a look at these articles and their related stories for more details....

In the report's foreword, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair writes that "it is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases... is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable."

Earth - melting in the heat?

Climate: What science can tell us

Global Warming Risks Severe

Saturday, January 21, 2006

'The Day After Tomorrow'?

The extreme winter weather that Russia and eastern and northern Europe is experiencing has been on my mind for the last couple of weeks. Snow, strong wind and frigid temperatures as cold as -33C (-28F) are making for severely harsh living conditions for the citizens inhabiting this part of the world.
Reading these stories about the weather and the harsh conditions it brings makes me think of the science-fiction film 'The Day After Tomorrow' and i cannot help but to believe that we are in the very midst of experiencing the long talked about, albeit controversial, effects of global warming speeding up the advancement of the next Ice Age....

... it may be too late to reverse that which Mother Nature has in store for us, but I send out my sincerest thoughts that those affected by this harsh winter will be able to find a way to stay warm and safe.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

My next roadtrip will be a short one to historic Philadelphia in mid-February to hear/see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play a gig at Theatre for the Living Arts.

Even though Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has been around for a few years and have made a few releases, i've only recently been turned on to them by a friend. B.R.M.C. comprises only 3 guys, but these 3 guys produce a big, a very cool and a rather unique sound... something that i find refreshing in a time when there are so many bands being promoted that only seem to recycle all the same tunes.

B.R.M.C. creatively mixes and blends an Alternative electric vibe with an acoustic Folk-cum-Rock sound, sometimes throwing a little bit of an Industrial edge into the mix. an added bonus is good meaningful lyrics. this may sound chaotic, but somehow B.R.M.C. manages to capture and harness the energy of chaos and produce songs that make musical sense and throw you only a little bit off balance... and, sometimes, being a little bit off balance puts a new and exciting spin on life.
and, i dig it when music adds a new exciting spin to life :)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's latest album, 'Howl', is characterized by strong rhythmic acoustic guitar with a hard raw edge punctuated with harmonica laid over an even foundation of solid drumming. if i were to relate 'Howl's' sound to other musicians, i'd say the overall vibe is like Bob Dylan-meets-The Dandy Warhols.

you can hear some songs from 'Howl' here. [you'll need Real Player]

Monday, January 02, 2006

Most Incredible German Production Facility

Wow... this has to be one of the most beautiful and cleanest production plants to be found! not only is the architecture of the buildings aesthetically pleasing, the facility is impeccably clean and bright. check out these photos and text describing the Volkswagen Phaeton factory in Dresden, Germany.

hehee, almost makes me wanna go into debt just to own a Phaeton rather than my dream car... '80's era blue Volvo stationwagen with roof rack :D

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starburst of Colors

Soaring through the sky
Feeling at peace
On a natural high
She watches clouds of doubt
And grief fading away,
Into the bright sunlight

The last stormy raindrops
Wash softly over her face
No longer stinging,
No longer drowning,
In a well of despair
But floating ever higher,
And higher,
Into the crystal clear air

Deep visions of darkness
Long held closed inside
Escape through awaking eyes
Now wide open,
Blinded no longer,
In a starburst of colors
Riding the arc of the rainbow
Beyond the horizon
Into the radiance
The new day’s fresh glow

Soaring ever higher,
And higher,
Sleeping senses awaken
From the frozen winter ashes
Thoughts and memories
Of times shared
Melt over her like warm honey,
No longer bitter, but sweet,
Fragrant as lilac and lavender
Adrift on the summer breeze

Love not to be forgotten
Not to be discarded,
Never disregarded,
Fills her once empty soul
With the brilliance of
Long lost buried treasure
Newly rediscovered,
Shining bright,
Not tarnished,
In shimmering light

Flying through the sky
Feeling so content
Floating free and happy
Among the stars
Over the moon, past the sun
Thoughts become the music
Words are the song
Her heart filled with peace
Soaring ever higher,
And higher,
Into a starburst of colors