zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Save The Internet!

It's one thing for somebody my age and as jaded about life as i have become to break down and cry in frustration about the stranglehold that big business has on the media in the U.S.A.,
but it's quite another thing to see a young person with his whole life's aspirations ahead of him break down when addressing an issue that has very serious implications on our freedoms and personal expression.


  1. haven't seen you around much.. as to the internet.. will they be able to do it??? let's hope not..

  2. Prof, I've been trying to log in and post on your site, but no success. Something doesn't seem to be working for me.

  3. hey Prof., i've been a round a bit when i take breaks from moving into a new flat. been to your blog checking out your adventures in Curaçao, but like H.L. remarks, haven't been able to log in and leave comments for a week or so. (btw, sent you an email a couple of days ago to tell you)

  4. mmm.. will check it out.. strange things..should be able to log on and comment...

    i'll check my prof email ;).. i'll make sure it forwards to the regular email.. because i missed it..

    so sorry..

  5. i remember now, i upgraded to the latest version of wordpress i think somewhere last week.. maybe that is creating havoc with the commenting...

    i'll what i can do, otherwise i'll change the format back to basic, and see if that helps.

    please let me know by email if it doens't work (the email gets forwarded now :))

  6. Prof., sent you an email... still locked out of your blog comments area.

    hehehee, but, it's quite ok if we all use this space as a communication center until you get your new version of WordPress sorted, Prof.
    this is the most action my blog has seen in a while... makes me feel like i'm still in touch with the important stuff in this world and with the folks i can actually connect with on a 'real' level...

  7. hahahaha.. bloody computers :(.... why can't they do the things you would like them to do :)

    i'll see tomorrow if i can find the answer...

    btw gmail invites sent ;)

  8. i'll delete your account, could you try to register a new one? maybe that will help?

  9. did it work? i think not because i can't see any comments by you....

    mmmm.. maybe i'll then have to resort to the last version of the wordpress software.

  10. sorry, Prof.... still settling into my new flat and haven't had much time to come online. also, awaiting an electrician to upgrade the old electrical outlets in this old 19th century building where i'm living to accommodate my modern 21st century communication center :D

  11. it should be working now.. will see you back sometime ;) hope everything is fine with your new appartment!

  12. donna, almost 2 months since the last posting.. what's happening??

  13. so much has been happening that i don't have time to write about it all, Prof.! lol
    but, am getting back to a routine so will try to write an update soon :)

    hehehe, and, thanks for missing me :p

  14. looking forward to the stories.. if so much is happening, there should be plenty to write about ;)

  15. 13th of june.
    13th of july
    13th of august..
    almost 13th of september.. it has then been 3 full months :(

  16. wow, it's been that long already!?
    oki, it IS time that i make time to post an update here...
    *makes note to self and sticks it to computer screen*

    btw, Prof., one of the things keeping me busy these days is working for a Dutch-owned company :)

  17. a dutch owned company.. tell :D

    shell? ahold? unilever? :D

  18. what's happening.. it has been awfully quite these last months.. aren't you settled yet? let us know...

  19. Hey Donna, I seem to miss you everytime you come online... Last time was about 13h ago... anyway, what's happening, how are you?

    Tim =)