zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Thanks For the Memories

"Many researchers suspect, however, that people may benefit most from engaging in a rich diversity of stimulating activities. New experiences may be far more important than repeating the same task over and over. Moreover, it may be key to combine mental stimulation with social interaction, which studies have found also appears highly beneficial. Experts say the task should be enjoyable, because stress and other negative emotions appear harmful."

ok! time to stop depending upon all these little stickie notes i've got stuck to my computer screen as reminders. i'm going to begin a mental exercise regime designed to build up and strengthen my "cognitive reserve".


  1. however.. digital sticky notes are still very handy.

  2. Do you know why i can see your whole page in my rss reader, including the comments and when viewing my own site through the same reader i get just the tekst?

  3. hehehe, i use digital sticky notes all the time, too.... they're great :)

    hmmm, about the RSS feed..... i'm not sure. i'll have to think about how/why that happens. maybe i have the RSS feed turned on in preferences or sumthin' like that? i'll do some research and will let ya know what i find out....
    hey, is this a beginning exercise in building my cognitive reserve?! lol

  4. If you can find it out.. i would really appreciate it. It seems that some way the css stylesheets are not in my RSS feed as they are in yours.... :S

    ... continueing the search...

  5. i'm not very computer tech literate... i've never formally studied computer science and don't understand about CSS stylesheets and stuff like that.
    i'm learning as i go along, so i don't know if this idea is on the right track, but check your settings on the Blogger Dashboard.... look at the page called 'Site Feed'. i have mine set to 'Publish Site Feed' and i have a 'Site Feed URL' with a /atom.xml extension. could the answer maybe be found here?
    *continuing to research CSS stylesheets & RSS feeds*

  6. I allready have those settings. the site publishes allright, but without the right html code, so no headers for me...

    *also looking on*

  7. hmmm, this is very interesting... i never knew i could click on the RSS feed button on my browser's address bar and navigate between pages displaying the short text version of my blog and the pages displaying my whole blog page including text, pics and comments. i just learned something new :)
    but, i'm sorry to say that i am clueless as to why my blog displays this way and yours does not, Prof.

    btw, i cannot get the Google Guest Map html to work on my blog.... how'd you get the html code to work on your blogger template?
    lol, i guess my blog problem and your blog problem cancel each other therefore keeping the world in balance :p

  8. after signing up for a guestmap you get a html link. Just add that one to you blog that should do it.

    For me it was the code a href="http://myguestmap.lorca.eti.br/guestmap.jsp?id=ProfKienstra"

  9. i copied & pasted to my blog template the html link Google Guest Map gives me. it didn't open the guest map when clicked on.... i opened my blog in a new window, instead :/

  10. Try the following tag in your template

    My guestmap

    That should do it.

  11. mmm.. it changed the tags.. therefore again

    <$a href="(link to guestmap)$> My guestmap <$/$a>

    Remove the $ sign's and put the given link between the "" where now (link to guestmap) has been written..

  12. dank je wel voor hulp :)

  13. btw.. it has been done :)

    signed your guestmap :)