zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

What/Who do 'Benefit Concerts' benefit?

Sir Bob Geldof's recent Live 8 Benefit Concert got me to wondering if these very popular benefit concerts really make any difference. i suppose they are a means to draw attention to humanistic issues, but do they bring any real solutions to the humanitarian causes which they are intended to address?

every time a new benefit concert is announced, i always think back to the first one i can remember (and as far as i know, the original) ..... The Concert for Bangladesh

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  1. Well, I think it's amazing they think giving dictators even more money will make a difference. That is basically what they are asking for, and it makes no sense.

    Damned If I Know