zephyr illusions photo by donna October 1992. The view atop Chasseral, Jura Mountains looking across Switzerland to The Alps on the horizon. Fog, intensely thick, rising from Lac Bienne and stretching its fingers high onto the Lignières-Plateau de Diesse after wholly filling the valley below the plateau.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dedicated To 2 People... 2 Friends...

...whom i've never met *in real life*, but have had only 'online' contact. online contact very true and genuine and i am sure if we were to ever meet up in real time and space we would enjoy a conventional 'real world' friendship, too.

To Prof. Kienstra, (real identity reserved to maintain his freedom of expression in anonymity) who reads this blog and gave me great recommendations and support on my recent trip to his home country... beautiful, diverse, historic, modern, progressive and paradoxical The Netherlands. Prof. Kienstra made my Netherlands Adventure more exciting and fun by following my travels via my blog journal entries and posting comments and suggesting sights to see and places to check out. he also continues to give me incentive to keep writing and using this blog as an outlet for self-expression. bedankt voor alles en voor je energie, Prof.! :)

To Dreadful Snake Guy (real identity reserved to protect all super heros of the world; lol :p ) who seems to connect with my inner feelings, my experiences, my basic emotions in some abstract, but very real way. while DSG and i lead very different day-to-day lives, he somehow seems to share much the same fundamental perspective and value of life as do i. i'm always pleased and happy to listen to his audio postings via his podcasts and enjoy exchanging mails and messages with him from time-to-time. hehee, and besides, DSG plays/enjoys some totally awesome music, possesses a deep understanding of music and appreciates how music moves the soul... gotta love that quality in anybody with whom we share this world! :)

So, after Prof.'s recent comment asking me what's up with me and why i don't post blog entries very often anymore (thanks for missing me and my writings :D ) and to DSG's most recent podcast sharing his beautiful and moving Christmas Mass experience in Shanghai, China (see my comment on his website) i want to say...
thank you for adding to my most eventful, exciting and fulfilling year 2005. 2005 is the Chinese year of the Rooster. i am a child of the Year of the Rooster and my discovery of friendship with you both (among the other people who have touched my life) has only added positivity and beauty to this past year of life on this Earth.

oh, and it cannot go unsaid... i have also, in this Year of the Rooster, renewed through more frequent contact, my lifelong friendship with my first inspiring friend, Camille. Camille, my first really understanding *real life* friend, has always been dear in my heart. i'm very content that we've again began to exchange communiques on a regular basis... i send out my love to you and yours... please consider this entry dedicated to you, too, Camille :)


  1. Good to hear from you.. and then in this way.... wow....

    i'm still, no words to speak...

    I must admit i have loved your writings and your commenting on my blog.. Let's keep this online friendship going!

  2. 'k, Prof.! it's a deal... and one i look forward to following up upon :)

    btw, i enjoy your blog, too. i like your choice of news stories to feature and make commentary. very cool you can do that so successfully in your 2nd language... i admire bi/multi-lingual skills.

  3. What a loving way to bring the year to a close, Donna! I guess you know what your big heart is going to get you - much, much love and respect in return! It's the law!

    Love, Camille

  4. hee, see, that's just what i love about ya Camille... at a time when i'm beginning to think that there may be some justification to becoming lawless in this unethical world we in which we live, you come along and remind me that there are universal laws that never should be let go of...

  5. I agree. I think there is plenty of justification for embracing a true democracy or even anarchy over the current Imperialistic Plutocracy. Fortunately, anarchy and karma aren’t mutually exclusive.

    What the American politicians are billing as “Democracy” is actually run-away global capitalism or as you put it - just plain lawless, unethical, greed. I’m hoping I’m still alive to see Karma catch up to the pigs at the top of the New World Order pyramid.

    Thanks for being my friend who helps me chew through the real issues. I can always count on you to say what you are thinking, proudly and out loud.